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Low Kidney Function Along with Shortage of Breath and Fatigue

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Low Kidney Function Along with Shortage of Breath and FatigueA person with low kidney function is more prone to suffer from numerous symptoms and complications, among which shortage of breath and fatigue can affect patient’s health and life a lot. Here we will introduce its causes and possible treatments.

Kidneys are important organs that are endowed with numerous functions for maintaining our body health. Generally speaking, if patients are still in early stage kidney disease, they may be asymptomatic. However, when renal function decrease to 50% or more, the condition will have a big difference.

In Kidney Failure, the most common causes of shortness of breath and fatigue include:

Anemia: healthy kidneys are responsible for promoting EPO which is responsible for producing red blood cells. For patients with low renal function, the impaired kidneys cannot generate enough red blood cells to the body, causing anemia. Then, fatigue will occur.

Fluid retention: serious fluid retention can cause pulmonary edema or hydrithorax which will make kidney failure patients feel difficult in breathing.

Metabolic acidosis: kidney function is impaired seriously due to renal failure, disturbance of acid-base occurs. Large amounts of acidic material build up in blood, leading to metabolic acidosis. Shortness of breath can be easily induced by the metabolic acidosis. In addition, shortness of breath is always accompanied with poor appetite, vomit and fatigue.

Well then, how to relieve these symptoms for patients with low renal function?

Actually, the very fundamental treatment is to improve renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, and Blood Pollutuion Therapy are the combination of Chinese medicine and western technology which can improve renal function from the root. But they are only available in our hospital-Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. Therefore, if you can come to here for the treatment, please consult our Online Doctor or email to us at The consultation is free. In addition, home remedies like healthy diet plan and healthy lifestyles are also very essential.

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