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Can Kidney Failure Causes Rash

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Kidneys are the organs that help filter waste products from the blood. If they failed to work, waste produce would build up in the body and Kidney Failure might take office in the near future. Initially, there may be no obvious symptoms of kidney failure. Thus, every inconspicuous symptom which may cause kidney failure should arouse the attention of us. The most common symptoms are weakness, shortness of breath, lethargy, and abnormal heart rhythms. Thus, can kidney failure cause rash?

There are many different reasons for rash. Therefore, patients with the symptom of rash should judge their causes firstly, and then seek a corresponding treatment.

1. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

According to a report by the authorities, in the first year of Dialysis, about 65% of the kidney failure patients have the symptom of lupus. It tends to occur in the face, on which appear dark red nodules. At the beginning, skin damage is one or several soybean-size bright red spots with viscosity at the surface. With gradually expanding, they present the circular or irregular shape. The color of the edge is more obvious. The damage parts mainly distributed in the sunlight exposure, such as face, helix and scalp, few in hands, forearm, breast, and oral mucous membranes. So SLE patients with systemic performance still should undertake the treatment of the protopathy. Medicated bath is recommended in this condition. TCM possesses a large number of prescriptions for medicated bath handed down from the ancient times. We have a professional team which is specialized in medicated bath for kidney management. If you are interested in it, please result the free online service to get a prescription which is suitable for you.

2. Drug Allergy

Early diagnosis of drug related Acute Renal Failure (ARF) is the key point of the prognosis. Therefore, it is very important to know the history of drug allergy for unexplained acute renal failure patients. For suspected cases, it is necessary to discontinued suspected drug immediately, and makes a dynamic observation.

But among these patients, there are few people have systemic allergic. Incidence of rash was only 16.7%. Due to its unspecific clinical manifestation and the lack of specific sensitive detection, it is easy to be misdiagnosis in clinical. If you are a member of patients with skin allergy, you’d better using Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is natural therapy. It has no side effects basically. If you want to know whether you can get rid of kidney failure rash, you can email your basic info and medical conditions to and we will give you a reply within 48 hours.

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