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How Serious When Kidneys Stop Producing Urine

2015-06-05 16:00| Font Size A A A

How Serious When Kidneys Stop Producing UrineHow serious when kidneys stop producing urine? Oh, it is a real trouble for patients who is suffering from the symptom. As we all know, kidney is an important filtering organ which can help remove wastes and toxins from the body through urine. And we can imagine that there will more and more wastes and toxins in our body once kidneys stop producing urine.

What dose mean when kidneys produce no urine?

Actually, progressive reduction in amount of urine produced is a common symptom of kidney disease. And along with the progression of illness condition, the kidney will stop producing urine eventually. The condition is also known as anuria. The original urine is forms in the glomeruli, and they are reabsorbed renal tubules. Then, the fluid discharged is final urine. Since glomeruli are extremely severely damaged, excess fluid cannot be filtered by glomeruli, resulting in reduction of urine output. When kidneys totally lose their ability to remove excess fluid, they stop producing urine. And it also indicates that you have entered into Stage 5 CKD or Kidney Failure.

Through the above analysis, we can see that it is a serious and dangerous thing if kidneys stop producing urine. What’s more, in order to help remove extra wasteful products, dialysis will be needed. As a life-sustaining treatment, dialysis can help discharge extra wastes and toxins from the body and it also can won extra time for waiting a matched kidney donor. And we also sincerely hope patients can get a successful kidney transplant soon. However, in the process, there are many potential risks for patients.

As a matter of fact, if patients have has no urine for less than 6 year, patients still have hope to improve renal function, so as to produce urine. Well then, how to do? In Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, kidney failure patients have more choices aside from dialysis and kidney transplant, like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Blood Pollution Therapy and so on. All of them can help repair kidney damage and improve renal function. To know more details, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or leave a message below directly.

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