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The Symptoms of Hypertensive Kidney Failure

2013-09-27 16:31| Font Size A A A

A lot of hypertensive kidney failure patients do not know anything about how did they get sick. Somehow, they suffered from Kidney Failure after getting Hypertension. Hypertensive kidney failure is the late stage of high blood pressure deterioration. Without effective control on hypertension, kidney blood vessels would be damaged, and eventually formed the kidney failure. Thus, what are the symptoms of hypertensive kidney failure?

There are 3 stages of the main clinical symptoms of hypertensive kidney failure:

1. Initial symptoms

Patients at this stage have no any obvious symptoms. The abnormal kidney function can only be found through clinical laboratory inspection (please result our free online service to get specific inspection projects). This stage is both the best treatment period and the most common omission.

2. Interim symptoms

At this time, while the human waste product such as urea in the blood of the patients increases, there are probably only mild symptoms clinically. Hypertensive kidney failure patients at this stage appear Nocturnal Polyuria. Conversely, when hypertension patients got renal failure, fibrosis would take place in their kidneys, and then the kidney can't discharge the excess salt and water. All of those make the blood pressure increases. So, hypertension and kidney failure form a vicious circle chain.

3. Middle-late symptoms

At this stage, metabolic wastes in the blood increase as condition getting worse. These harmful materials will affect all the major body systems, such as muscle, nerves, digestive tract, brain, and skin, ect. A series of clinical symptoms, such as muscle twitching, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, bad breath, anemia, weight loss, whole body itch, and convulsions, would be caused. At this time, high blood pressure will develop into Uremia.

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