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Can Kidney Failure Cause Hot in Upper Body and Cold in Lower Body

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Can Kidney Failure Cause Hot in Upper Body and Cold in Lower Body In daily life, it is commonly heard that some people complain of sweating in upper body and cold in lower body. How does it occur?Actually, when you search info on the Internet, you can find there are many reasons like weakness, low immunity, old age and so on. Well then, can kidney failure cause the condition? Let’s have a discussion.

Kidney Failure, or Renal Failure means that kidneys have nearly lost all of real function so that they cannot work properly. As you should know, kidneys are very important organs which are endowed with numerous function to guarantee our body health. They are responsible for producing urine, promoting the production of erythropoietin, discharging wastes and toxins, regulating blood pressure, activating vitamin D, and keeping electrolyte and acid-base balance. For patients with kidney damage, their kidneys may fail to do these jobs, resulting in numerous symptoms. Actually, compared to kidney failure itself, its some symptoms have a more direct connection with sweating in upper body and cold in lower body. The following contents can as your reference. If you do have any questions, please be free to contact us-

Accumulation of toxins and wastes

Kidneys are important filtering organs which can discharge wasteful products from the blood. Once kidneys are damage by some factors, some wastes like creatinine, urea, extra phosphorus, potassium will build up in the body. These substances will block the blood vessels and damage the blood circulation system. With the bad blood circulation, blood cannot be transported to lower body effectively, patients will feel cold in lower body.

Low immunity

Kidney failure can disturb the immune system and lower patients’ immunity (calcium and vitamins disorders). Living with a low immunity, patients are prone to be attacked by the cold or flue when the bacteria enters into the body. The flu also can cause hot in upper body and cold in lower body.

In addition to the mentioned above, others like cardiovascular disease, nerve problems, external environment changes also can lead to the feeling. If you have no better treatment to deal with the condition, please remember to contact us!

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