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Can Renal Failure Cause Metabolic Acidosis

2014-12-11 17:06| Font Size A A A

Can Renal Failure Cause Metabolic AcidosisRenal failure patients will experience numerous discomforts and symptoms due to decreased renal function. Some patients complain that they are tortured by metabolic acidosis. Well then, can renal failure cause metabolic acidosis?

Actually, metabolic acidosis is a common complication of renal disease and results from a excessive accumulation of acidic substances in the body . The metabolic acidosis is characterized by the increased HCO levels and reduced PH levels.

It is well known that our healthy kidneys are endowed with numerous functions. Healthy kidneys have the functions of maintaining acid-base balances, in case of kidney failure this function is severely affected and the impaired kidneys can not remove metabolic acidic materials such as phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid from the blood. Then, they will accumulate in the body and cause metabolic acidosis.

The build up of acidic substances in blood can be cause numerous symptoms or complications such as headache, weakness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dierrhea, dehydration, poor appetite and so on. In the severe condition, metabolic acidosis can produce coma and death.

Through the above analysis, we can see that kidney failure can cause metabolic acidosis. And I am sure that you also have a well understanding its causes in kidney failure. Then the next step is to take effective treatment.

Treatment focuses on repairing the impaired kidney and correcting acid imbalance. Here we introduce the natural treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Mai-Kang Composition. On the one hand, Osmotherapy aims at relieving symptoms and repairing kidney damage as well as improving immune system. On the one hand, the Mai-Kang Composition is taken by oral, aims at strengthening therapeutic effects. Both of them aims to improve kidney function and repair kidney damage from the root. If you want to learn it in details, please contact our online doctors or leave a message below.

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