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Symptoms or Signs of Kidney Shutting Down

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Symptoms or Signs of Kidney Shutting DownWhat are symptoms or signs of kidney shutting down? Kidneys are very important role in our body and undertake numerous functions to guarantee our body health. Having healthy kidneys can live a healthy and happy life. However, it is very terrible if the kidneys stop working. Then, how? Please read on and you will find related info.

Most people have two kidneys and usually one healthy kidney is very enough to maintain the normal work of the body. Thereby, in the early stage of renal failure, there is no any symptoms to warn people that kidney fails to work. However, when almost of kidney function has lost, the patients will experience obvious body change and symptoms. There are several signs to show that the kidneys are shutting down.

1. Decreased in urine output

Kidneys are responsible for producing urine, while for damaged kidneys, they will lose this ability and it is one of the most common symptoms of kidneys shutting down. As the filtering of kidneys declines, urine output usually decline as well. In sever condition, it will lead to anuria, which is a life-threatening and people may need to depend on dialysis or kidney transplant to sustain life.

2. Water retention

Actually, kidney is a regulator of fluid in the body and healthy kidney can keep fluid balance. When kidneys are shutting down, excessive water will accumulate in the body and begin to pool. At the same, patients will suffer from severe swelling or edema. It can occur in patient’s hands, stomach, face, leg, ankle or whole body.

3. Drowsiness and fatigue

Drowsiness and fatigue are due to in part to the waste products and toxins that are in the body when kidneys begin to fail. What’s more, kidney failure prevents the kidney from producing red blood cells which can lead to anemia. It is always associated with fatigue and dizziness.

4. Confusion or coma

In sever case, the build-up of the waste products that are no longer being removed by the kidneys can lead to confusion and coma. In addition, these toxins can affect the function of the brain and other organs.

The above all is the typical symptoms or sighs of kidneys shutting down. If you experience any one, it’s time to take immediate measures to save yourself. If you have no idea about how to deal with your condition, welcome to talk with our doctors online or email to

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