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Phosphorus Metabolism Disorder in Kidney Failure

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Phosphorus Metabolism Disorder in Kidney Failure Phosphorus metabolic disorder is a common complication of Kidney Failure. If you happen to be diagnosed with it, you can find some helpful information in the followings.

Why do patients suffer phosphorus metabolic disorder?

In kidney failure, usually there is a low GFR, so the phosphorus clearance decreases significantly, which can lead to phosphorus retention.

What’s more, kidney failure patients are suggested to take more vitamin D, which can promote calcium absorption. However, this nutrient also can stimulate intestinal absorb more phosphorus.

What are the consequences of phosphorus metabolic disorder?

Phosphorus metabolic disorder causes no suffering to patients, while it can induce some other complications, which may do harm to patients.

High calcium level: Calcium plays an important role in our bodies, high calcium level can cause damage to many systems, such as heart circulation system, nerve and muscle system, digestive system and central nervous system. Therefore, some symptoms will occur, such as bone disease, cardiac arrhythmia, fatigue, abdominal distension, stomachache and insanity.

Hyperparathyroidism: Long-term of phosphorus metabolic disorder can induce hyperparathyroidism, which can aggravate bone ache and increase the risk of fracture.

It is also related to some serious cardiovascular complications, such as calcification of coronary artery and heart valve.

What can patients do to relieve this condition?

1. Take some phosphate binders, which can decrease absorption of phosphorus. However, some of them may cause some side-effects, diarrhea and hypercalcemia.

2. Reduce phosphorus intake

  High in phosphorus Low in phosphorus
Cereals Rice and flour Brown rice and oats
Meat Pork and mutton Animal liver and
Eggs and milk Egg white and milk Yolk

3. Some treatments can help restore the kidney damage, and once kidney recovers, they can excrete the excess phosphorus. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is based on natural herbs, can largely help patients improve this condition.

We hope the above contents are helpful to kidney failure patients. If you have any other questions about phosphorus metabolic disorder, you can email us

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