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Chest Pain in Kidney Failure Patients

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Chest Pain in Kidney Failure PatientsSome Kidney Failure patients may suffer from chest pain. Here, we will talk about the causes and treatments in detail:

This condition can be caused by the following reasons:


Normally, there is some fluid in pleural cavity, which works as lubricant when we breathe. For kidney failure patients, their kidneys fail to excrete the extra fluid out of their bodies, so too much fluid will accumulate in their bodies. When the pleural cavity is involved, hydrothorax will occur accordingly. And this severe condition can cause chest pain.

Pulmonary embolism

It refers to one or more pulmonary arteries in your lungs become blocked.

In kidney failure, the following factors may contribute to this condition:

1. Hyperlipidemia causes blood viscosity increase.

2. Abnormal of cruor and anticoagulation.

3. Disorders of fibrinolytic system.

4. Useage of glucocorticoid.

This condition can be life-threatening, so patients should take timely treatments to reduce the risk of death.


In kidney failure, patients are more likely to present high potassium level, which can easily lead to arrhythmia. When it occurs, there can be fatigue and chest pain.

In order to relieve this symptom, patients are requested to take treatments to treat the underlying cause---kidney damage.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can largely help restore kidney damage and improve kidney function. It works through the following aspects:

Dilate blood vessels: In this advanced stage, kidneys may suffer anoxia and ischemia. This therapy can help dilate blood vessel so as to improve this condition.

Reduce inflammation: This remedy can help reduce inflammation in kidney and prevent further damage to kidney.

Prevent coagulation: Patients have higher risk of coagulation, while patients with this therapy can better ward off this condition.

With this therapy, patients’ conditions can be largely improved. Once their kidney damage gets restored, the above condition can be eased.

Except for the above therapy, kidney failure patients also need to do make changes in other aspects, suh as reasonable diet, proper exercises and healthy lifestyle. Any doubts, email us

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