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How to Ease Leg Pain in Kidney Failure

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How to Ease Leg Pain in Kidney FailureLeg pain can be a symptom of kidney failure. If you are afflicted by this condition, the following content may help you ease this suffering.

Why kidney failure patients suffer leg pain?

Calcium deficiency

In end stage kidney disease, there are various reasons can cause calcium deficiency, such as calcium loss in urine, high phosphorus level and restricted diet. And calcium deficiency can cause leg pain.


1. Increase calcium intake. Patients should eat some foods high in this element. Examples include ewe's milk, mutton, shrimp, celery and black fungus.

2. Choose suitable calcium supplements.

3. Catching more sunshine can help produce vitamin D, which is helpful to promote calcium absorption.

4. Taking more exercises can strengthen the bone and prevent loss of calcium.


Gout is induced by high uric acid level, when uric acid accumulates in joints of legs, patients will experience leg pain.


1. Avoid foods high-purine foods, such as red meats, animal pluck and seafoods.

2. Drinking more water helps to reduce uric acid level.

3. Take more alkaline foods, such as carrot, grape and kelp.

However, the underlying cause of calcium deficiency or uric acid accumulation is severe kidney damage. If kidney failure patients can improve their kidney function, this symptom can be largely improved.

Blood Pollution Therapy is effective in treating this condition through the following steps:

Clean blood

In this step, we use Chinese herbs to decompose blood stasis and blood purification therapy to clear toxins in blood.

Resume blood system

Our nephrologists will prescribe some supplements, according to patients’ condition and add them to patients’ blood system. Therefore, blood system can get a good environment to recovery.

Restore kidney function

When the blood system functions normally, a favorable internal environment can be created for kidney recovery. Thus, kidney damage can be largely restored. If you’re interested in this therapy, you can email us

Once kidney function gets improved, kidney failure patients can relieve their pain in legs.

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