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Causes and Tips of Nose Bleeding for Dialysis Patients

2014-04-30 20:54| Font Size A A A

Causes and Tips of Nose Bleeding for Dialysis PatientsNosebleed may happen to some dialysis patients. In severe condition, it can induce hemorrhagic shock, so patients should pay attention to this condition.

The followings are causes and tips of nose bleeding for dialysis patients.

Shortage of certain nutrients

Some necessary nutrients may lose during the dialysis, like vitamin C and vitamin K. If there is not enough vitamin C, patients may at the risk of septicemia. Shortage of vitamin K may cause coagulation disorders. Bloody nose can occur in the two conditions.

Tips: Take some supplements or foods rich in these nutrients. However, patients should take right amount of them according to their conditions, as overdose of these nutrients also has side-effect. If you are bothered by this, you can consult our online doctors. They can give you helpful advice according to your own condition.


Some medicines applied during dialysis may cause nosebleed, for example, heparin which is used to prevent thrombus, also has the effect of anticoagulant.

Tips: For these patients, they can use micromolecular heparin. If the condition doesn’t improve, they can use other substitute instead of heparin.

High blood pressure

Nosebleed can be caused by high blood pressure, which is a common complication of kidney disease. Kidneys play an important role in regulating blood pressure, so when kidneys are damaged, high blood pressure may occur.

Tips: Patients should better control their blood pressure, which not only can cause bleeding nose but some other serious complications, like heart diseases.

In addition, when patients overexert themselves or are too excited, the blood pressure will elevate. In this condition, it can break the delicate vessel wall in nose. Patients will have nosebleed. Therefore, patients also need to avoid being too excited or overexerting themselves.

If nosebleed happens to dialysis patients, they can follow the above tips to prevent further damage. Good luck!

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