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How to Deal with Renal Atrophy in Renal Failure

2014-04-30 18:15| Font Size A A A

How to Deal with Renal Atrophy in Renal FailureRenal atrophy or kidney shrinkage means that your kidney is smaller than normal size and it often happens to renal failure patients. If patients have renal atrophy, their prognosis will be poor. Therefore, knowing some methods to prevent renal atrophy is very necessary.

Why does renal atrophy occur?

When kidney disease develops into end stage, the nephrons (including glomerulus, kidney tubule and kidney capsule) will be partly or totally damaged. Nephron is the functional part of kidney, so damage of nephrons will cause renal parenchyma thinning. Then renal atrophy occurs accordingly.

How to deal with renal atrophy in renal failure?

Treatment for renal atrophy is to restore the kidney lesion and prevent renal parenchyma thinning. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for these patients. In this therapy, the natural herbs are superfine and with the help of osmosis device, these medicines can get to kidney lesion through patients’ skin, so it can avoid stimulation of digestive system and effective constituent can be better absorbed.

In renal failure, patients’ kidneys always suffer anoxia and ischemia. This therapy can help to dilate the blood vessel, so more blood can go through the kidney to improve this condition. What’s more, herbs in this therapy can help restore the damaged intrinsic renal cells. Thus, it can prevent thinning of renal parenchyma. After a period of treatment, kidney shrinkage can be stopped and even reverse. If you are interested in this therapy, you can consult our Online Doctors for more information.

Except for treatment, patients also need to keep a healthy lifestyle.

1. Avoid overwork, which can aggravate their diseases.

2. Prevent infection. Due to their low immunity, patients are susceptible to infections.

3. Keep a reasonable diet, such as low salt intake, limited protein intake.

Even with renal atrophy, patients’ condition can be well controlled, if patients have healthy lifestyle and proper treatment. You can fill in the table below, so we can give you personalized advice.

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