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Hair Loss in Kidney Failure

2014-04-30 17:57| Font Size A A A

Kidney Failure patients are always afflicted by their illness. Hair loss is definitely increasing their suffering, as it can greatly affect patients’ self-confidence.

What causes hair loss? What they can do to relieve it? You can find some helpful information in this article.

Shortage of protein

The main ingredient of human hair is protein. And patients may suffer shortage of protein due to the following three reasons:

1. Many kidney failure patients keep a strict diet, which will reduce their protein intake.

2. Kidney failure patients may experience poor appetite, so intake of protein will decline.

3. If patients have massive proteinuria, lots of protein will leak in to urine.

Lack of necessary nutrients

Zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin B are all essential nutrients for hair growth, but patients may be limited to foods rich in these nutrients. What’s more, due to low kidney function, these elements may leak in the urine.

Side-effects of medicine

Kidney failure patients take many medicines to control their symptoms. Hair loss may be caused by the side-effects of these medicines. In this condition, they can consult their doctors to make some changes in their medication.

How to improve this condition?

★ Take some foods, such as kelp, mulberry and semen juglandis. These foods can benefit their hair. However, patients with hyperkalemia or hyperphosphatemia, should consult their doctors before they eat these foods, as these foods may aggravate their symptoms.

★ Keep a good mood and good sleep. This is good for hair growth.

★ Avoid using alkaline shampoo, which removes too much grease from hair.

★ The underlying cause of hair loss is kidney failure. If patients can well control their diseases procession, this symptom may be alleviated. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy are effective in preserving kidney function and delaying diseases procession.

We believe you can better deal with hair loss in kidney failure after reading this article. If you have any doubts about the above contents, you can email us

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