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Is Aloe Vera a Good Choice for Kidney Failure Patients

2014-04-12 23:58| Font Size A A A

Is Aloe Vera a Good Choice for Kidney Failure PatientsAloe vera contains so many beneficial elements that it is used in medicine, foods and cosmetic. However, besides the many benefits of aloe avers, aloe vera also has some side effects to kidney failure patients. This article will expatiate on how aloe vera works on kidney failure patients.

Are you often susceptible to infection and cold?

Due to kidney diseases, kidney failure patients are in a poor condition and have poor immunity. They are vulnerable to infection and cold. If you are suffering from recurrence infection and cold, aloe vera is a good solution. Aloe vera contains polysaccharides and antioxidants. The former stimulate macrophages and the white cells to fight against viruses. The latter eliminates the radicals and boosts the immune system. Thus, aloe vera can protect patients from infection and cold.

Are you suffering inflammation caused by kidney diseases?

Normally, inflammation is our body’s reaction to protect and restore our body health. When the reaction is undue, it will cause damage to itself. We need to control the overreacted response to prevent further damage. Bradykinin in aloe vera combines with angiotensin to resist inflammation.

Are you concerned by risks of cardiovascular disease?

Kidney failure patients often suffer from high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. What’s more, risks of cardiovascular disease relating this condition also concerned them a lot. Aloe vera contains citric acid, which enhances the ability of heart, promotes blood circulation, lowers cholesterol level and dilates vessels. Patients eat aloe vera regularly can help them lower the risks of cardiovascular disease.

Every food has its merits and defects, so there is something needs to be cautious of when you eat aloe vera.

Watch out for diarrhea

Some elements in aloe vera can stimulate peristalsis, which can enhance the appetite. However, it also can cause diarrhea.

Be careful of inedible aloe vera

Only several kinds of aloe vera are edible, so you need to consult your dietitians that which kind of aloe vera is edible and good for your condition.

Avoid eating aloe vera without processing

Some harmful substance can be eliminated through processing.

All in all, aloe vera has many desirable effects to kidney failure patients while it also has some potential risks. Patients should be cautious before they eating aloe vera. Any doubts, you can contact our online doctors or emails us

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