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Low Phosphorus Diet for People with Kidney Failure

2014-03-12 20:36| Font Size A A A

For people with kidney failure,they need to follow a strict diet to lighten the strain of kidneys. In this article, we will introduce something about low phosphorus diet in this advanced stage.

Why kidney failure patients need to limit the intake of phosphorus?

In right condition, extra phosphorus can be excreted out of the body. However, in this severe stage, about 80% to 95% kidney function has been lost. As a result, excess phosphorus will build up in the body and a range of changes will occur over time, such as, imbalance of calcium-phosphorus, increased parathyroid gland(PTH) level. If not controlled well, symptoms like skin itching and renal bone disease are more likely to appear.

How to follow a low phosphorus diet?

To follow a low phosphorus diet strictly, it is of great importance to make careful food choices. Mostly, phosphorus can be found in nuts, beans and so on. After careful research, experts point out that the following foods should be limited:

Dairy Products: milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream.

Nuts and Beans: soy bean, sunflower seed, walnut, pumpkin seed, peanut, etc.

Beverages: beer, cholate drinks, soy milk, ale and so on.

Phosphorus content in common foods:

100-200mg: bean products, shellfish, octopus, inkfish, crab, bacon and so on.

200-300mg: broad bean, egg, sardine, black carp, shrimp, chicken, ham, walnut.

300-400mg: process cheese, skim milk, dried fish, laminaria japonica, etc.

Even if low phosphorus diet can help decrease the workload of kidneys in people with renal failure to a certain degree, this dietary principle alone is not enough. For more information, please click here Diet & Fitness for Kidney Failure. Besides, we also suggest patients with a natural therapy to control the condition, see more at Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Kidney Failure.

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