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Diet & Fitness for Kidney Failure

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Diet & Fitness for Kidney FailureKidney Failure is a syndrome, which consists of lots of clinical symptoms and metabolic disorders. It is mainly characterized by decline of renal function. Healthy diet and fitness are very significant for patients with this disorder. The suggestions on Kidney Failure are mainly two aspects: diet and lifestyle


1. Appropriate supply of calory

Proper calory supply can ensure the rational use of protein and amino acid. Patients should eat more high heat and relative low in protein is foods, such as potatoes, yams and pumpkins.

2. Limit the quantity of protein

Accompanied with decline of kidney function,there exists the disorder of protein excretion. Therefore, to relive the burden of kidneys, the quantity of protein should be restricted. To improve the utilization of protein, in the premise of quantitive restrictions, foods that are abundant in protein are usually recommended: milk, egg, fish and so on.

3. Low-salt diet

Eating too much salt will increase water consumption and blood volume, aggravate the illness condition, such as, swelling an high blood pressure. So patients with swelling and high blood pressure should pay attention to the intake of salt, 3 g per day is advisable.

4. Avoid high-potassium foods

When there is renal insufficiency, the excretion of potassium will decrease and lead to hyperkalemia. In serious condition, it can cause cardiac arrest or even threaten one’s life. So patients with kidney failure should control the intake of potassium strictly. The following foods should be forbidden: banana, soy sauce, potatoes, hams and shrimps, etc.

5. Avoid high-purine foods

Such as internal organs of animals, seafoods, etc. They can reduce the excretion of uric acid.

6. Do not eat spicy foods

Foods such as pepper, Chinese prickly ash and garlic can cause inflammation of the throat or even allergic reaction easily.

7. Supply of vitamins and trace elements

Patients with kidney failure should eat foods that are rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and active vitamin D. As for trace elements, mainly iron.


1. Do appropriate physical exercises and avoid working too hard.

2. Monitor the blood pressure regularly and try to control it at 130/80 mm Hg.

3. Quit smoking and limit alcohol.

4. Regulate emotions and avoid mood fluctuation.

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