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Is Vegetarian Diet Good for Uremia Patients

2013-10-24 14:28| Font Size A A A

Many uremia patients are vegetarian for they think vegetarian diet can reduce the burden of the kidneys, and is conducive to disease control. Is this idea correct? Is vegetarian diet really good for uremia patients?

Kidney disease experts point out that vegetarian food is not the only option for patients with uremia, they should take in moderate meat.

Due to decreasing renal metabolism of uremic patients, main toxins in body, urea and creatinine accumulate in the body. And these toxins are all protein metabolic product, so the uremia patients should intake high quality protein food. However, some patients stick to a vegetarian diet for a long time is a misunderstanding of food proteins.

Food protein is divided into plant protein and animal protein. Although most plant protein content is lower than animal protein, protein content of the daily staple food such as rice, flour are about 8%-9%, beans and soy protein content can reach more than 20%, while plant protein contain more than 50% non-essential amino acid, but less essential amino acids. In addition, it is also high in potassium. Therefore, it is not suitable for uremic patients.

Uremia patients, therefore, should eat right amount animal protein containing high essential amino acids, such as milk, egg and fish. The intake of vegetable protein should be controlled. Beans and bean products are not recommended.

But the daily intake of protein should be controlled according to the serum creatinine level of patients. Anyhow, uremia patients must be clear that high-quality low protein diet is not equal to a vegetarian diet, and vegetarian diet can not reduce the kidney burden.

Only diet aftercare is not enough for uremia patients. An effective treatment is the basic way. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is designed to repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. This therapy has a good effect on the uremia. Wish you get well soon.

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