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Kidney Failure with Creatinine 650:Can I Have Eggs

2013-10-17 15:12| Font Size A A A

A patient who has been suffering from kidney failure for more than one year was checked out creatinine of 650 several days ago. Is it ok to take eggs for this patient? Would taking eggs affect his condition?

Principle of diet for kidney disease patients is not worsening kidney damage on the basis of meet the demand of body. From the point of creatinine values, kidney damage of this patient is relatively serious. So, in order to control the worsening renal function, patients should control the protein intake and choose high quality protein diet. Eggs are allowed to eat, but the intake amount must be controlled. The kidneys of this patient already have obvious injury recently, and urine toxins can not be expelled from the body and accumulated in the blood. These also cause too much hydrogen, sodium and potassium in the body.

Kidney Failure patients should take more milk, eggs, lean meat, fish and other animal protein. It would be better to have less vegetable protein such as soy products which with low utility ratio and may aggravate the uremia. However, there are rare cases of elderly patients with low protein.

Quail egg is recommended by some nutritionists. The nutritional value of quail egg is not second to eggs. Quail egg rich in proteins, cephalin, lecithin, lysine, cystine, vitamin A, B2, B1, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients. It is important to note that do not taking too much. Lower creatinine is mainly repair kidney function. If you want to completely control the condition and index, a fundamental treatment of this disease is needed.

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