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Is Mung Bean Good for patients with Kidney Failure

2013-10-15 15:05| Font Size A A A

Is Mung Bean Good for patients with Kidney FailureMung bean is commonly seen in our daily life. Do not look down upon it, it is nutritious. There are always people who asks is mung bean good for patients with kidney failure? Now there is the answer!

Mung bean is not only good for patients with kidney failure, but also good for other kidney diseases. It is a good diet option for kidney patients. The followings are its functions to the health.

It can reduce the decomposition of protein.

Protein is one of the necessities to our body. But it will break down to waste product, which should be filtered out by our kidney. Patients with kidney failure have severe kidney damage and the kidney cannot well filtered the waste product in the blood. The trypsin inhibitor that mung bean contains can reduce the decomposition of protein, which can reduce the load of kidney and save the residual kidney function.

It can increase appetite.

Patients with kidney failure may have some complications like nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, especially those who are on dialysis. Some ingredients in mung bean can increase appetite and provide kidney with rich nutrition.

It can improve immunity.

Patients with kidney failure often have low immunity. They are susceptible to cold, fever and cough. It can increase the amount of phagocyte, which helps to maintain the normal function of the inherent immune system and protect kidney function.

It can control high blood pressure.

Some ingredients in mung bean can help control high blood pressure, which is a risk factor of kidney failure. High blood pressure can worsen kidney failure and cause greater damage on kidney.

It can reduce blood lipid.

The polysaccharides in mung bean can increase the activity of serum protease, which helps reduce blood lipid and reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular disease, which is the serious complication of kidney failure.

Mung bean is good for patients with kidney failure. But it does not mean that the more mung bean intake, the better. You can consult the online doctor for the proper amount and whether it is allowed for you!

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