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Recommended New Year’s Food for Kidney Disease Patients

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Recommended New Year’s Food for Kidney Disease PatientsRecently, all people are celebrating for the coming of the new year and they enjoy delicious food and beverages freely. However, for patients with Kidney Failure, they should pay much more attention to their dietary habits. In order to help patients spend a happy and healthy holiday, we will introduce the recommended New Year’s food for renal disease patients.

Dietary principles:

Renal disease requires a special diet to limit fluids and certain waste products that build up with the blood stream between kidney dialysis. Liquid, phosphorus, potassium, protein, sodium need to be controlled through a restricted diet to help lessen the workload on your kidneys. Based on following dietary suggestions, we sincerely hope you can spend a happy new year with your families! God bless you! Any questions, please email to us at or leave a message below directly!

What are the recommended kidney diet plan on the New Year?

High quality protein diet

It is necessary to consume proper protein to supply the lost protein, but it should not be too much. However, in order to prevent malnutrition and reduce the production of waste products, patients are suggested to take high quality protein food, such as egg white, fish, milk, lean meat and pulses.

Ingest enough omega-3 fatty acids foods.

Foods with rich omega-3 fatty acids can help fight against inflammation which is a common symptom for patients with kidney disease. Patients can choose foods that contain rich omega-3 fatty acids, such as flaxseed, canola oil, olive oil, soy nuts or walnuts.

Other requirements

Limit liquids to 6 cups a day; limit milk products to 1/2 cup a day;

Limit vegetable servings to 2 servings a day; limit fruit to 3 serving a day;

Eat moderate amounts of carbohydrates and proteins each day.

Sample daily diet plan for kidney disease patients. (for a patient of 50kg)

At breakfast, you can eat an egg whites, a bag of milk, 50g flour, 15g white sugar and 200g apple.

At lunch, you can eat 50g lean meat, 200g cabbage, 50g pakchoi, 25g pancit canton, 100g flour and 200g pear.

At supper, you can eat 100g rice, 75g lean meat, 250g white gourd, 25g pancit canton and 200g apple.

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