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Walnuts and Kidney Failure

2013-10-02 11:42| Font Size A A A

It is universally accepted that eating walnuts is benefit to the kidneys, or even can treat Kidney Stones. Thus, can Kidney Failure patients eat walnuts? If patients do not know much about the kidney failure diet, they might take many walnuts for the aforementioned “common sense”. However, is it right to taking walnuts for patients with kidney failure? Here we will introduce the relationship between walnuts and kidney failure.

In fact, patients with kidney failure are not allowed to eat walnuts. Although walnut can nourish kidneys, a wrong way of eating may damage the kidneys rather than tonify them.

1. Vegetable protein

According to the experts, patients with kidney failure are forbidden to eat vegetable protein generally. Nuts, like walnuts, are rich in vegetable protein. If having this sinful food, the condition might be worsening for the vegetable protein.

2. Potassium

Walnuts are rich in potassium. The potassium ion cannot be discharged by severe damaged kidneys. It may lead to hyperkalemia with the symptoms of fingers numb, limb weakness, chest tightness, stiff tongue, speech difficulties, and loss of consciousness, serious arrhythmia or even heart stop.

Experts remind that patients with kidney failure should eating light. Seafood, beef, lamb, hot excitant food, and wine should be avoided. Fruits and vegetables are suitable for kidney failure patients. It is better to choose lean meat, chicken and egg white. Aquatic products, soy products, and tea are also not recommended.

Diet is like a double-edged sword. It can help you get rid of kidney failure, while it can make your condition worsen. The key point is that how to eating health. We have collected many kidney failure diet. If you want to get the most suitable one for you, please email your basic information and medical conditions to and we will give you a reply within 48 hours. Let’s start healthy from diet!

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