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Can I Eat Beets and Asparagus on Renal Diet

2015-05-29 17:45| Font Size A A A

Can I Eat Beets and Asparagus on Renal DietKidney disease patients need to limit the amount of certain nutrients you eat and drink, so as to protect kidney from the further damage. Usually, friendly-kidney diet is recommended to patients. Well then, can I eat beets and asparagus on renal diet?

To know the answer, we should know the nutrients within beets and asparagus.

Benefits of beets for kidney diseases patients.

Beet root is high in antioxidant which is mainly got from its purple color. And the antioxidant can help reduce the harmful cholesterol and protect the artery walls and fight free radicals and oxidative stress. All these can help prevent cancer, cell damage and premature aging. In addition, eating beet root also can help strengthen immune system. Because some nutrition in beet root can help stimulate the production of new blood cells, which can help strengthen the immune system and prevent infections and diseases. All these will be helpful for CKD patients to slow down the progression of kidney failure.

Benefits of asparagus for kidney disease patients.

On the one hand, the selenium present in asparagus can help prevent the growth and proliferation of cancer cells, on the other hand, it can help raise the resistance of the body. Experiments proved that asparagus can help reduce blood lipid level to a large degree. Featured by low-sugar, low-fat and high-fiber, eating it regularly can also help prevent hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular diseases.

Through the above analysis, we can see that both beets and asparagus are good for kidney disease patients’ health. But to be frank, diet therapy is not enough to repair kidney damage from the root. If you want to know more useful tips, you can email to or leave a message below directly, and we will do our best to help you.

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