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What Do You Eat On Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2014-11-19 10:57| Font Size A A A

What Do You Eat On Stage 5 Kidney FailureStage 5 Kidney Failure is the end stage kidney disease. In this condition, nearly all patients have many symptoms and discomforts. To reduce the burden on kidneys, patients should find out what they should eat on stage 5 renal failure.

In stage 5, kidneys are functioning less than 15%, so quite a number of foods may worsen patients’ illness condition easily. Therefore, patients in this stage should make sure their dietary plan conforming to their illness condition. Most often, the following foods are recommended to eat.

1. Foods contain high-quality protein

Protein is one essential nutrition for the body, but its metabolic wastes are discharged out of the body via kidneys. In view of this, patients are recommended to choose high-quality protein as protein supplement, because it can provide essential amino acids and produce fewer waste products.

2. Low-sodium foods

When kidneys are unable to deal with extra fluid, extra sodium intake will cause fluid to retain in the blood vessels, resulting in swelling and high blood pressure. Therefore, patients on stage 5 kidney failure should follow a low-sodium diet tightly.

3. Foods with little potassium and phosphorus

If kidney failure patients haven’t begun dialysis, they should also control the intake of potassium and phosphorus. This is because excessive amount of these two minerals may build up in the body easily. Therefore, patients should eat foods with low potassium and phosphorus.

4. Foods rich in antioxidant

Antioxidant can protect remaining kidney functioning tissues from further damage, and it can also improve patients’ immunity to fight against various disorders. Vitamin C and flavonoid are common antioxidants which is found commonly in vegetables and fruits, but patients should avoid these foods high in potassium or phosphorus.

5. Foods abundant in omega-3 fatty acid

Omega-3 fatty acid is one type of unsaturated fatty acid, and it is proven to be effective on inhibiting inflammatory reactions. As we know, many types of kidney disease are caused by inflammatory reactions within kidneys. From this point, patients should eat more foods abundant in this substance.

The above is only some general suggestions for patients on stage 5 kidney failure. If you want to get an individual diet plan, you can tell the doctor online more about your illness condition. Therefore, they can tell you what to eat and avoid in detail.

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