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Can Renal Failure Patients Eat Purple Cabbage

2014-10-14 13:35| Font Size A A A

Can Renal Failure Patients Eat Purple CabbageRenal Failure patients have to develop scientific and healthy diet plan so as to prevent the progression of illness condition. As we all know, diet is just like double-edged sword, eating rightly will good for your healthy condition; otherwise, it will worsen the illness condition. Well then, can Kidney Failure patients eat purple cabbage? An individualized diet plan, please talk with our doctors online or leave a message below.

Purple cabbage is a healthy and nutritious vegetable which can provide more nutrition to our body. But for kidney failure patients, not all of them can eat this vegetable freely, since the illness condition differs from person to person.

Patients can get the following nutrition if patients are in the following conditions:

Constipation and high cholesterol level

Purple cabbage is rich in fiber which is good for relieving constipation. Dietary fiber prevents excess cholesterol from entering your bloodstream through the wall of your small intestine; the fiber adsorbs the cholesterol and excretes it through the waste elimination process.

Low immune system

Vitamin A is a nutrient that provides a variety of functions in your body. It produces retina pigments for your eyes, maintains vision health and improves vision at night. It also supports your body’s immune response, reducing you risk of microbial infection.

Complications of heart disease

When comparing purple cabbage to other varieties, the notable difference is the antioxidant levels. The deeper pigmentation in purple cabbage indicates a richer supply of anthocyanins, which can help lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration and many other diseases.

However, patients should avoid or at least limit intake of purple cabbage if patients are in the following contents:

High potassium level

This vegetable has a large amount of potassium. Unfortunately, high potassium level is the common symptom which can cause more serious condition just like hyperphosphatemia. Eating too much potassium level will worsen the illness condition. Therefore, purple cabbage is not suggested to kidney failure patients with high potassium level.

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