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Sodium Intake in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2014-05-11 18:18| Font Size A A A

Sodium Intake in Stage 4 Kidney FailureFor people with stage 4 kidney failure, they are usually suggested to limit their sodium intake. Well, how much sodium can they eat? If you happen to have such a doubt, why not follow me to find out the answer?

Why stage 4 kidney failure need to limit sodium intake?

From a medical point of view, stage 4 kidney failure indicates a severe kidney damage and the GFR level is just 15-29ml/min. In this condition, the kidneys will not be able to do it’s job as normal. And one of the functions of these “blood-cleaners” is to maintian the balance of water and electrolyte. Therefore, excess water and sodium will accumulate in the body, resulting in water and sodium retention.

If sodium intake is not restricted, it will trigger many problems. For instance, elevate blood pressure, increase the workload of kidneys and aggravate kidney damage.

How much sodium can stage 4 kidney failure patients eat?

To be honest, to prevent the above conditions from happening, the key point is to control sodium intake. And this problem can be categorized into two aspects:

1. If there are severe swelling and high blood pressrure, they should eat salt-free foods or control the sodium intake within 1-2g per day.

2. If there are mild edema and hypertension, the intake of salt can be limited within 3-4g per day.

From the above contents, we can realize the sodium intake in stage 4 kidney failure is depended on your illness condition.

Generally, foods include processed foods, fast foods, salted eggs, salted duck eggs, etc are loaded with salt. Meanwhile, the diet should be light-based and other aspects of diet should also be paid attention to. Have a question? You are always welcomed to email to After careful analysis, we will reply you back soon!

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