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Who is More Susceptible to Kidney Failure

2014-03-03 18:11| Font Size A A A

Kidney failure, or ESRD, refers to an advanced stage of kidney disease. Mostly, people with this disease have to undergo dialysis or a kidney transplant to sustain life. Well. Who is more susceptible to kidney failure?

Who is More Susceptible to Kidney FailureFortunately, experts at our center have concluded the following facts:

1. Chronic glomerulonephritis For those have been diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis, if the condition is not controlled well or there are consistent proteinuria, high blood pressure, kidney lesions usually progress quickly. And the course of disease has close connection with the pathological type and clinical stages. For example, the prognosis of MCD patients are usually good, conversely, the prognosis of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis patients are usually poor, and it will progress into kidney failure within years or months.

2. Diabetic nephropathy Once diabetic nephropathy patients present clinic proteinuria, kidney function will decline progressively. When there is consistent proteinuria, about a quarter of patients may develop into kidney failure in 6 years.

3. Hypertensive nephropathy Years of uncontrolled high blood pressure can not only cause cardiovascular disorders but also renal insufficiency.

4. Bilateral hydronephrosis Due to stones or other diseases(such as, tumor) and so on, hydronephrosis can occur easily. If the obstructions can not be treated effectively, renal function will deteriorate, eventually, renal failure will come into being.

5. Herbal medicines containing aristolochic acids It has been proved that long-term usage of herbal medicines containing aristolochic acids can boost the risk of renal failure. In addition to this, some antibiotics, chemotherapeutic drugs and other nephrotoxic drugs can also lead to this severe consequence.

If you are suffering from the above diseases, do remember to take both early and effective steps to bring these conditions under control. Here, treatments including Hot Compress Therapy, enema therapy, full bathe therapy, etc are all beneficial. For more information, please chat with our Live Doctor or email to immediately.

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