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Sexual Dysfunction in Kidney Failure Patients

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Sexual Dysfunction in Kidney Failure PatientsKidney Failure patients may experience sexual dysfunction, and the degree of kidney damage is consistent with decreased dysfunction. Well, what are the potential causes?

Causes of sexual dysfunction in kidney failure

1. Nervous system damage In this advanced stage, various toxins accumulated in the body will cause damage to the pelvic nervous system, and nervous system damage accounts for 54%.

2. Low testosterone level Male patients with renal failure may present testicular atrophy. Due to this, less sperm will be produced.

3. Mental disorders Due to serious condition, patients can become depressed easily. Besides, other factors including high cost of hemodialysis, psychological stress of family members, etc can all impair the quality of patients life.

4. Other factors Such as, anti-hypertensive drugs, vascular insufficiency, vascular calcification, thyroid hormone, vitamins, prolactin, erythropoietin, zinc metabolism disorders, etc can also affect kidney function.

How to treat sexual dysfunction in kidney failure patients?

Sexual dysfunction in kidney failure patients are caused by many factors, and it is relatively difficult to treat this disorder. Normally, the treatments contains hormone therapy, dialysis, kidney transplant and so on.

Can renal failure patients have sex?

Whether renal failure patients can have sex or not is determined by the physical fitness.

Frankly speaking, hormone therapy is used to treat sexual dysfunction, unluckily, the functions are limited.

As for hemodialysis, it can help excrete toxins and excess fluid out of the body, thereby, when the physical function is restored to a certain degree, some patients can have sex as normal people. But remember, this should be done in moderation. In addition, a successful renal transplantation can help regain sexuality and fertility, but the success reate of transplantation may be not high.

The above contents are mainly on sexual dysfunction in kidney failure patients, if you or your relatives are suffering from this discomfort, do remember that we are always here to help. Any follow-up questions, please send us email or chat with our Live Doctor!

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