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Why Do You Get Headache in Kidney Failure

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Why Do You Get Headache in Kidney FailureMany patients with kidney failure are troubled by headache, which is one of the most troublesome symptoms. Do you have this trouble? Do you know why you get headache in kidney failure? This article will give you a general explanation. Please go on reading.

Extra toxins in blood.

Kidneys are responsible to filter the toxins to keep blood clean. When kidneys are damaged, this ability will be reduced. In kidney failure, the remaining kidney function is less than 15%. So the toxins in cannot be well filtered. They will accumulate in blood, affecting the normal work of all organs in your body. If the toxins reache the nerves in your brain, you will feel headache.

Sleep problem.

Some kidney failure patients may suffer from sleep problem. Many patients bear a great psychological burden in kidney failure, which will affect the sleep quality. Itchy skin is one of the annoying problems in kidney failure and it will cause sleep problem. One of the obvious symptoms in kidney failure is frequent urination, which severely affect the sleep quality. You are more likely to develop headache if you have a poor sleep quality.

High blood pressure.

One of the important works of kidneys is to regulate blood pressure. The failed kidneys are not able to control blood pressure well. Headache is one of the discomforts of high blood pressure.


Most people in kidney failure will go through dialysis. It is regarded as an artificial kidney, which is used to replace some work of kidneys, such as the filtration function. But some who are on dialysis will develop a complication called dialysis encephalopathy, which will cause headache.

If you are now undergoing headache, you must take treatment as early as possible to avoid further damage. A correct treatment is important for patients to get a better improvement. Hot Compress Therapy is recommended to you. I believe headache in kidney failure will be relieved and kidney function will be improved. You will live a better life! If you want detailed information, you can leave a message below or you can send me an email to and I will give you a reply within 48 hours!

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