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Why DO Kidney Failure Patients Have Low Fever

2014-02-17 02:22| Font Size A A A

Why do Kidney Failure Patients Have Low FeverMany kidney failure patients have the symptom of low fever in clinic and most of them will ask: why do I have low fever? As a matter of fact, low fever is not a direct symptom of kidney failure but the symptom of infection which caused by kidney problem.

Usually, kidney failure is caused by acute kidney problem and chronic kidney problem. With the development of these diseases, kidney failure occurs. In general, low fever that many kidney failure patients have is caused by infection. The followings are the conditions that can lead to infection.

A. Disrupted immunity

A powerful immune system is the precursor of a healthy body. It can fight against the surrounding bacteria and virus. But for kidney failure patients, their immune system is disrupted and their immunity is low because of the decline of kidney function. So many toxins and hazardous substance will get into our body and cause infection. Low fever occurs.

B. Much protein loss in the body

In the healthy people’s body, there are all kinds of proteins and they have different functions. One of them is called immune globulin which plays the role of antibody. When bacteria and virus invade into our body, it can help us fight against the harmful substances to protect the health of our body. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of protein that leak into urine and be removed from the body. In this condition, toxin can not be removed from the body. Infection and low fever occur.

C. The side effects of immunosuppressive agents

When bacteria and virus invade into our body, antibody will fight against them. But it is the worst ending that antibody combine these hazardous substances and form immune complex. Immune complex will deposit in the blood and affect circulation, inflammation occurs under this condition. While many immunosuppressive agents can disrupt the immune system and infection occurs and so does low fever.

Why kidney failure patients have the symptom of low fever? In conclusion, infection is the main cause of it. To avoid low fever, patients should treat your kidney disease earlier and effectively. You are welcomed to leave a message below or send an email to if you have the questions about low fever with kidney failure.

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