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Can Patients with Stage 5 Kidney Failure Live Longer without Dialysis

2014-01-11 21:36| Font Size A A A

In stage 5 kidney failure, the kidney function declines to less than 15%. Many patients rely on dialysis to live. But many people are afraid of dialysis. Then can patients with stage 5 kidney failure live longer without dialysis?

Dialysis is regarded as an artificial kidney, which helps kidney discharge the extra toxins and water in blood. But the disadvantage of dialysis is that it can only remove the micro toxins. It do nothing to the middle and micro toxins. So even if you accept dialysis, your lifespan cannot be prolonged for a long time.

Except for dialysis, what treatment can prolong the life expectancy? You must think about kidney transplant. Yes, kidney transplant indeed can help prolong the lifespan. A successful kidney transplant can double or even triple the lifespan of dialysis. But you need to notice that you are required to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of your life.

Then is there other choice to live longer in stage 5 kidney failure? Of course there is. Chinese medicine can help you live longer. Hot Compress therapy is an innovative treatment based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It combines the Chinese herbs with the advanced device. with an osmosis device, the herbs can be permeated into kidney lesions directly. This therapy is different from dialysis and kidney transplant, it aims at improving kidney function by repairing the damaged kidney cells. The herbs can dilate the blood vessels, fight against inflammation and coagulation, degrade the extracellular matrix. With these functions, the kidney cells can be repaired gradually. So patients with stage 5 kidney failure can live longer without dialysis. If you are interested in this therapy, you can send me an email to or you can leave a message below. I will give you a reply within 48 hours!

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