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How Long Can I Live with Only 5% Kidney Function

2013-12-20 23:29| Font Size A A A

Patients with 5% kidney function are going through end-stage kidney failure. The life quality and lifespan are deeply affected. Then how long can you live with only 5% kidney function?

It is known to all that kidney is the blood cleaner of our body. It is in charge of filtering the metabolic wastes and toxins in the blood. The kidneys have almost lose all the abilities to work with 5% kidney function. There will be a lot of symptoms, such as anuria, oliguria, nausea, vomit, muscle cramps, itchy skin, sleep problem, anemia and swelling and so on. Your life is in dangerous if you are accompanied by cardiovascular disease.

In view of how long can you live, it depends on many factors, such as the ages, the illness condition, the primary disease, the complications and the treatments as well as your mind state.

Among all the influencing factors, treatment is the leading one.

It is estimated that about 80% patients who are on dialysis can live through 1 year, 60% can live through 2 years, 33% can live through 5 years and 10% can live through 10 years.

Kidney transplantation is also a choice for patients with end-stage kidney failure. A successful kidney transplantation can enable kidneys 10 times of function more than dialysis. So you can live longer with kidney transplantation. But there are also cases that patients with kidney transplantation only live several months.

It seems that dialysis and kidney transplantation are the last two choices for end-stage kidney failure. However, there is also other treatment that are effective than them. The Chinese medicine is a better choice for it can not only remove the toxins in the blood, but also can strengthen and tonify the healthy qi to improve kidney function.

With Chinese medicine, the symptoms will be relieved. The urine volume can be increased, the appetite can be improved and the itchy skin will be eliminated. With this treatment, you can live longer and better than with dialysis and kidney transplantation.

If you are interested in this treatment, you can ask the online doctor for more information.

If your kidney function remains 5%, you should not be depressed and lose confidence. With proper treatment, there is still hope for you to live longer and better.

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