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How Long Can One Survive on Dialysis with kidney Failure

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One with kidney failure has a litter remaining kidney function. The glomerular filtration rate declines to below 15%. Patients need to rely on dialysis to survive. Then how long can one survive on Dialysis with Kidney Failure?

The lifespan of patients on dialysis with kidney failure.

The kidney cannot work well in kidney failure. Patients with kidney failure will suffer a lot due to accumulation of waste products, electrolyte disorder and many other complications. Dialysis is often suggested to patients with kidney failure. Dialysis can help kidneys discharge the extra waste products and extra water and regulate electrolyte balance.

Sufficient dialysis take good effect on patients the lifespan will be prolonged to 5 years on average. But this differs from people to people considering different ages, illness conditions, medicines, mind state. In terms of the ages, about 88% patients younger than 20 years old can live through 5 years, 21% patients between 65-74 years old can live through 5 years and only 10% who are older than 74 can live through 5 years.

How to prolong the lifespan of patients with kidney failure?

The basic method to prolong lifespan with kidney failure is not dialysis. Then what is the basic method? That is to improve kidney function. Dialysis is just a replacement method, it takes no effect on improving kidney function. Then what treatment can improve kidney function?

Chinese herbs are well known for its good effects on kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovation based on the traditional Chinese herbs. Different from the orally taken herbs, this therapy is externally used. If you want to know how it functions, you can consult the online doctors!

This therapy can improve kidney function by repairing the damaged kidney cells and providing nutritions to kidneys. Only if the kidney function is improved, the lifespan can be prolonged longer.

How long can on survive on dialysis with kidney failure? It depends on many conditions. If you are interested in the treatment which can improve kidney function, you can send an email to, the kidney expert will give you an explanation.

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