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When is Dialysis Necessary with Stage 4 Renal Failure

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Dialysis is a common treatment for patients with stage 4 renal failure. But it should be used in proper time. When is dialysis necessary with stage 4 renal failure?

Why is dialysis needed?

Kidneys are blood cleaners of our body. They are responsible for filtering the waste products and toxins in blood. They also play an important role in keeping balance of electrolyte. Kidney functions are progressively lost with chronic kidney disease without proper treatment. When kidneys are not able to filtrate the waste products and toxins and keep balance of electrolyte, then dialysis is needed to help kidneys finish these jobs.

When is dialysis necessary with stage 4 renal failure?

Most of the patients with stage 4 renal failure are need dialysis. But not all the patients need dialysis, even if with stage 4 renal failure? Then what kind of patient need dialysis? In the following conditions, dialysis is necessary.

The patients are accompanied by serious primary disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

The aged patients.

Patients with obvious symptoms, like nausea, vomiting, cramps, sleepiness, heavy swelling, acidosis and so on.

Even if the creatinine level and BUN level is not that high, dialysis is necessary for patients with the above conditions.

Dialysis is urgently needed on the following emergencies:

The serum potassium is higher than 6.5mmol/L.

Patients have serve symptoms, like pulmonary edema, oliguria, anuria, heavy swelling and heart insufficiency.

Patients with metabolic acidosis and the PH is less than 7.2.

Dialysis is necessary with the aforementioned conditions. It can help relieve the symptoms and control the progression of primary diseases. If you are patients with stage 4 renal failure and are accord with one of these conditions, you are suggested to start dialysis. If you are convenient, you can send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will make you some suggestions. They can tell you if you are need dialysis.

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