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Does Renal Failure Affect Sex Life

2013-11-14 11:36| Font Size A A A

Does Renal Failure Affect Sex LifeRenal failure is the advanced stage of chronic kidney disease. It is known as severe loss of kidney function. Renal failure will affect the life of patients in different aspects. Some patients with renal failure asked does renal failure affect sex life? Can they have normal sex life?

Does renal failure affect sex life?

Kidneys plays an important role in keeping us healthy and the normal activities in daily life. When kidneys are damaged, many aspects will be affected, including the sex life.

Some patients may find that they have low sexuality with renal failure. Loss of kidney function will result in hypogonadism, which is a cause of low sexuality.

Some patients with renal failure may suffer from emotional changes due to the illness. They may be in low spirits so they may have low desire to sex.

Fatigue is also one possible cause that will affect the sex life with renal failure. Some toxins that accumulate in blood due to renal failure may result in fatigue. Besides, the loss of red blood cells can also cause fatigue. So patients may have no energy to have sex life.

Can patients with renal failure have sex life?

Though renal failure can affect the sex life, it does not mean that you cannot have sex life. Whether you can have sex life depends on your own condition. However, you should follow your doctors advice. Moderate sex life not only have a good effect on the relationship of the couples but also beneficial to the physical health. You should keep in mind that do not be too tired or it will cause further kidney damage.

In general, renal failure indeed can affect the sex life, but patient can have sex life according to the illness conditions. You can consult the online doctor for more information, if it is not convenient for you, you can also send an email to, the kidney doctor will send you back in 24 hours!

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