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When to Start Dialysis with Acute Renal Failure

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Renal failure includes acute renal failure and chronic renal failure. Chronic renal failure is characterized by the rapid decrease of kidney function. That is the filtration function of glomerular will drop to below 50%. Are all patients with acute renal failure need to do dialysis? If not, then when to start dialysis with acute renal failure?

The advantages of dialysis with acute renal failure.

It is known to all that dialysis is helpful to acute renal failure and sometimes it can save patients’ life in an emergency. With dialysis, some symptoms such as swelling, high creatinine level, high blood pressure can be relieved. At the same time, it can prevent some complications like heart failure. It also plays an important role in controlling the progression of the original diseases, for instance, diabetes and high blood pressure. The most important advantage is it can help restore kidney function.

When to start dialysis with acute renal failure?

If one develops acute renal failure, there will be rapid increase of blood urea nitrogen level and serum creatinine level. The balance of the fluids and electrolyte as well as the acid-base will be broken. The kidney function can recover with in time treatment. If not, patients with acute renal failure will end with death. Dialysis is one of the treatments to save patients with acute renal failure.So on what condition is dialysis needed? The followings are the explanations.

If the appearance of oliguria or anuria lasts for more than 24-48 hours, dialysis is suggested if patients with acute renal failure are in one of the cases below:

a. BUN (blood urea nitrogen) ≥21.4mmol/L or the it increase 9mmol every day.

b. Serum creatinine ≥442umol/L

c. Phosphorus level in blood ≥6.5mmol/L

d. One is diagnosed with hyperkalemia

e. HCO3 ≤15mmol/L

f. Free hemoglobin≥12.4mmol/L.

g. With obvious symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, swelling, unconsciousness.

If patients with acute renal failure have one of the following cases, urgent dialysis is needed.

A. Serum phosphorus>7mmol/L.

B. CO2<15mmol/L

C. PH≤7.25

D. BUN≥54mmol/L

E. Creatinine≥884umol/L

F. Acute pulmonary edema.

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