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How Do We Know if An Atrophic Kidney Dies

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How Do We Know if An Atrophic Kidney Dies

For an adult, the normal kidney is about 10-14 cm long in males and 9-13 cm long in females. But with kidney disease, it is likely for you to suffer from kidney shrinkage. How do we know if an atrophic kidney dies?

When an atrophic kidney dies, your urine output will stop.

As we all know, the main kidney function is to make urine. With the shrinkage of kidneys, your kidneys will become scarred due to renal ischemia and anoxia. As last, they will become stones so that no blood can go through the kidneys. And then you will stop urination.

When an atrophic kidney dies, you may suffer from a series of symptoms and complications.

Because the dead kidneys can not filter the blood, a lot of waste products will build up in body, thus blood toxin concentration will become high. High wastes in body can affect all body systems, leading to a number of discomforts, such as shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramp, restless leg syndrome, poor sleeping quality, etc.

When an atrophic kidney dies, you may have to start dialysis to maintain life.

If both your kidneys shrink and die, you will lose your renal function completely. In such a case, dialysis must be started. It can help remove the excessive wastes out of body so as to sustain your life.

If you do not want your kidneys to be atrophic, you need to take treatment as early as possible. Here we recommend a systemic Chinese medicine treatment to you. It is Toxin-Removing Treatment. This treatment can dilate blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into damaged kidneys to improve renal ischemia and anoxia. It can also increase your urine output and improve your bowel movement to discharge more waste products from body. Besides, it can provide the damaged kidneys with enough essential elements to speed up kidney recovery. After a period of treatment, your atrophic kidneys will be improved, and your renal function can be improved gradually.

How do we know if an atrophic kidney dies? Now you get the answer. If you do not want your kidneys to shrink, you should take treatment as early as possible. For more information on kidney shrinkage treatment, please leave a message below or send emails to Renal experts from Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will give you personalized guidance.

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