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Why Kidney Failure Can not be Controlled in Short Time

2013-09-26 09:42| Font Size A A A

There are various concerns regarding the treatment of Kidney Failure such as why kidney failure can not be controlled in short time, why patients still suffer relapse after treatment, why the treatment can not help much?

More than 95% of the renal diseases are immune diseases which are caused by the precipitation of immune complex. Renal failure results from a number of primary or secondary kidney diseases. And it is the reason why renal disease is difficult to control. Besides, due to poor control or deterioration, it may cause kidney failure early.

Kidney diseases are usually autoimmune diseases. Its onset is formed by the deposition of immune complex. There is a specific area where can store human foreign body on the surface of the kidneys. In here, the immune complex becomes the binding immune complex.

Once foreign deposits, such as immune complex, inflammatory reaction would be induced. Inflammatory response without control will lead to the damage of inherent cell and tissue, even the occurrence of renal failure.

In addition, the pathogenesis of kidney disease is complicated. A doctor is hard to master the technology in short time. Thus, experts in this field are scarce.

Other causes include poor equipment and funds, substandard treatment process, late diagnosis, and unreasonable diet also can lead to incurability.

Through the above introduction, I believe you can have a preliminary understanding of the causes and prevention of kidney failure. If you still have any questions, please consult online experts or leave a message below.

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