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The Death Rate of Kidney Failure

2013-09-21 10:25| Font Size A A A

Kidney failure is a terrible stage of kidney disease that many people fears. The death rate of kidney failure is very high if it develops into end-stage renal disease. Without treatment or with unproper treatment, the death rate will significantly increase.

kidney failure is not the simple cause to death, other viscera complications caused by the buildup of toxins and waste is a big risk to death. It is reported that heart failure is a serious complication and a main cause of kidney failure.The incidence of maintenance hemodialysis patients with congestive heart failure is as high as 41% -50%, the mortality of heart failure is 40%. So active control of heart failure can improve the prognosis of kidney failure and prolong the life span.

Though kidney failure is fetal, it is not incurrable. Therefore, many patients will ask that how to lower the death rate of kidney failure?

At present, dialysis and kidney transplant are the widely adopted methods for patients with kidney failure. The death rate of kidney failure is greatly reduced with these methods. But due to a variety of constrains of dialysis and kidney transplant, there are also many patients die of kidney failure. Then how to effectively reduce the death rate of kidney failure?

Recently, an innovative Chinese medicine---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has made a remarkable breakthrough in clinic. The reason why occurs kidney failure is that the functional cells of kidney are damaged and the glomerular filtration rate is lowered. The toxins and waste product cannot be discharged out of the body in time. Normally, high creatinine level and high urea nitrogen level will occur as well as high blood pressure.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can perfectly repair the damaged renal cells and rise glomerular filtration rate. Thus the accelerated toxins and waste product will be removed from blood and then the kidney function is improved. It is convenient and safe because it is an externally applied therapy.

With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you can successfully improve kidney function and delay the progression of illness. Therefore, the death rate of kidney failure will be significantly lowered. For further information, you can send an email to ***, the kidney expert will solve your problem.

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