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Does Kidney Failure Mean Death

2013-09-16 15:46| Font Size A A A

Kidney Failure is a stage of chronic kidney disease. The kidney is severely damaged and has lost almost a large part of its function, including generating urine, filtrating wastes and toxins, regulating water, electrolyte and acid-base balance. Many people are scarred of kidney failure because they think that kidney failure mean death. Though kidney failure is incurrable and a high risk of death, it is not fatal with the correct therapy.

When one comes to the stage of kidney failure, many complications will occur. These complications such as proteinuria, anemia, high blood pressure and little urine output sometimes are more terrible than kidney failure itself.

The ability of filtrating metabolic wastes and toxins is gradually decreased with the damage of the kidney. So there will be more and more waste products and toxins accumulating in the blood, which will cause a huge burden to kidney in return. With the vicious circulation, kidney will not work as it should be so as to other organs of our body.

Many patients are suggested to take some medicine like ACEI to control blood pressure, thus to relieve the symptoms to some extent. Dialysis is a common method that used in western countries with kidney failure patients. But dialysis cannot cure the damaged kidney, it is just a replacement method. What’s more, with the long-term dialysis, kidney will lost its function at last and then with the worsening of the complications, your body will stop working and you cannot avoid death.

Does patients with kidney failure must face death at last? The answer is absolutely “no”. Recently, more and more attention is focusing on a new Chinese therapy---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It has been proved that this therapy is effective in treating kidney disease even if kidney failure. It can repair the damaged kidney lesions and save the existing kidney functions. With this therapy, the lost kidney function will be gradually improved thus to delay the progression of the illness.

Though kidney failure is the worse stage of kidney disease, with proper therapy, you will be far away from death. For further information about how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy functions, you can leave a message below, we are glad to help you!

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