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How Long Can Someone Live with 14% Kidney Function

2014-05-25 20:21| Font Size A A A

For people with 14% kidney function, their biggest concern must be how long can I live. In this article, we will talk about this issue in the following aspects.

Common causes of kidney disease:

To be honest, kidney disease can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, infections, heart disease,unhealthy eating habit, stay up late, congenital factor, toxins and so on.

When someone has kidney disease, kidney function will decline accordingly. Therefore, kidneys will not be able to work adequately. As for 14% kidney function, it is in kidney failure. In this case, an alternative therapy called dialysis is commonly recommended by the doctors.

How long can patients with 14% kidney function live with dialysis?

To be frank, it is really hard for us to give an accurate answer. As the life span is influenced by many factors, such as age, primary diseases, treatments, complications, eating habits and so on.

However, there are still some reference data:

About 80% patents can live at least one year; accompanied with regular diaysis, someone can live 5 years, besides, other people can also live 10 years.

Without dialysis, what is the life span for 14% kidney functon patients?

If patients do not have dialysis, the life expectancy is determined by the specific condition. And most of them fail to live more than 12months.

Is there an effective treatment?

Yes, experts of this field recommend patients with 14% kidney function to take Blood Pollution Therapy. And it can help treat kidney damage through the followig three steps: clean blood, supply nutritions to blood, restore blood and kidney function. What’s more, it will not bring any side effects to the human body.

For people with 14% kidney funtion, it is high time for them to take effective treaments early to extend their survival periods. Anything unclear, do remember to leave us message

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