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Kidney Failure Basics

3 Factors Accelerate Kidney Failure

What factors affect the progression rate of renal failure? Can we prevent it in advance? This problem has always attracted the attention of patients. If the adverse factors affecting renal function can be eliminated in advance and a better...Read More

Three Steps to Prevent Gout from Worsening into Uremia

Gout that is out of control or poorly controlled for long periods of time can damage the kidneys, reduce kidney function, and even lead to kidney failure. Therefore, kidney damage should be treated timely once being detected. Three major ea...Read More

How Long Does It Take for Various Kidney Diseases to Reach Uremia

Doctor, how bad is my illness? How long will it take me to get uremia? This is a question that many people who have just been diagnosed with kidney disease ask. Two or three years? Twenty or thirty years? In fact, doctors can not tell an ex...Read More

A Single Urine Test Can Predict the Risk of Renal Failure

How far is renal failure away from you? A single urine test can predict the risk of renal failure! Although uremia accounts for a small proportion of the total number of kidney disease, the uncontrollable and unpredictable risks of kidney d...Read More

Nearly 80,000 People A Year Use this Drug to Cause Kidney Failure

Every year cases of renal failure and uremia caused by improper use of drugs with renal toxicity are reported. According to statistics, 20%-34% of patients with acute renal failure in China are caused by nephrotoxic drugs. It can be seen th...Read More

3 Factors Help You Avoid Uremia

Although kidney disease is one of the most common chronic diseases, not all patients know about it before they get sick, and some people have never heard of it. So a lot of renal patients feel at sea when they are just diagnosed with kidney...Read More

Service in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, China

Kidney disease can be though of one of intractable diseases and in recent years, the morbidity of kidney disease has increased considerably. Fortunately, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is one largest kidney disease specialized hospita...Read More

Prognosis when Kidneys Are at 14% with No Treatment

In early stage of kidney disease, you may do not have severe symptoms, so no treatment is needed. But with the progression of disease, you have to take more and more medicines to control associated symptoms and complications. What is the pr...Read More

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