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Toxins in Blood Subsets

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Toxins in Blood SubsetsToxins in Blood Subsets offer an overview of waste products in your blood, which helps your doctor choose right method to clean your blood. Various toxins need different blood dialysers. In addition, the tests give directions to improve your prognosis.

This test includes:


A common blood test, the blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test reveals important information about how well your kidneys and liver are working. A BUN test measures the amount of urea nitrogen that's in your blood.

- Creatinine

Creatinine is the best routine blood test for measuring how well kidneys are working. It is a waste product produced by muscles and put out through the kidneys. This means that 'normal' levels depend on how much muscle you have, and this can cause some problems in spotting kidney disease.

- UA

UA is small sized toxin in blood, which may indicate kidney function decline or gout etc.


BMG is middle size toxin in blood. BMG level may be elevated, when kidney function decline or tumor occurs.

- CycC

CycC is middle sized toxin, which can reflect the GFR condition and shows advantages in children patients and dialysis patients.


When GFR level lowers, RBP increases earlier than creatinine. It increases, when patients are affected with liver disease or malnutrition.


It helps estimate the risk to develop cardiovascular disease. If HCY level elevates, it may lead to cardiovascular disease.

- IL-6

It is middle sized toxins in blood, which is marker of acute inflammation and micro-inflammation. It may be associated with various CKD complications, such as cardiovascular disease, malnutrition, renal anemia etc.


Elevated PTH level may indicate renal bone disease.

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