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Calcium (Ca)

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Calcium (Ca)The body's calcium is mostly in bones, but in kidney failure there are problems with calcium and bones. Low levels of calcium may lead to thinning of bones, very low levels lead to weakness, tingling, and other problems. High levels cause sickness. It is measured regularly in patients with kidney diseases because:

Blood calcium may be low in renal failure, without treatment.

Special types of vitamin D (calcitriol, alfacalcidol) are given to prevent renal bone disease and to raise blood calcium.

Medicines (phosphate binders) given to keep blood phosphate low may also raise blood calcium.

After years of kidney failure, parathyroid hormone levels often rise, causing high blood calcium levels - seeparathyroid hormone (PTH).

What is the Normal Range of Calcium?

Normal blood calcium levels are 2.3 - 2.5 mmol/litre (8.4-10.4 mg/dl).

Changes in blood proteins (albumin) may change these normal ranges though.

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