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Hemorrhagic Renal Cyst Management

2015-09-30 14:23| Font Size A A A

Hemorrhagic Renal Cyst ManagementHemorrhagic renal cyst is a condition that featured by hemorrhage or bleeding in the renal cyst. Without timely healing, it will cause more complex conditions. For instance, it can increase risk of blood infection, urinary tract infection, fever, etc. Therefore, management for bleeding renal cysts is very important. Well then, how to do?

Actually, we should firstly know the possible causes of hemorrhagic renal cyst.

Kidney cyst is filled-fluid and round pouch, which have blood vessels on the cyst’ wall. When the cyst enlarge to a certain size, it will increase the pressure to the kidney itself and other surrounding organs or tissues. Due to the huge pressure, blood vessels on the walls of cyst are more prone to burst. As the result, hemorrhagic cyst form. In addition, other external factors also can induce cysts bleeding, like stimulation of diet and medications, improper exercise’s style, and surgery. Only finding out the underlying causes, can you take the correct treatments. If you’d like to get an individualized treatment plan, you can email to us at or just leave a message below directly.

Now, let’s see the Management of hemorrhagic renal cyst.

Kidney expert from Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital point that management should focus on the following aspects:

Shrink cysts naturally

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is such as treatment that can drain sac fluids and inhibit the secretion of sac fluids successfully. Because the active ingredients of Chinese medicines can help expand blood vessels around cysts, speed up blood circulation and increase the permeability of the cyst wall. Therefore, it can help manage hemorrhagic cysts. However, if you want to get the treatment, you need to come to China. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Diet Therapy

Patients should develop friendly-kidney diet plan, so as to protect kidney function from further damage. The requirement generally includes low-protein diet, low-sodium diet, no spicy food, low-potassium food and so on. In addition, to learn more about what food you can eat or not, you’d better keep in touch with your health provider.


Some case, if you have blood in urine, your doctor may suggest you taking antibiotics for preventing inflammation. Beside, patients should have more rest in bed and drink enough water.


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