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Treatments for Flank Pain Due to 6cm Cyst in Kidney

2014-04-14 01:08| Font Size A A A

Treatments for Flank Pain Due to 6cm Cyst in KidneyKidney cyst refers to a condition featured with round fluid-filled sac in one or the both of the kidneys. In it’s early stage, they are usually asymptomatic. However, if the cyst grow large, symptoms are more likely to appear. In this text, we will talk about treatments for flank pain due to 6cm cyst in kidney.

Mostly, if the cyst is less than 3cm, no specific treatment is needed. However, patients still need to take regular check-ups to monitor it’s growth. As for flank pain caused by 6cm cyst in kidney, the followings treatments can be necessary.

-Surgical operation In Western medicine, surgical operation is commonly applied ta treat large cyst. Even if the efficacy can be attained in a short time, there are always some side effects.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Considering the adverse effects of surgery, more and more people have turned their eyes on traditional Chinese medicine. As a brand-new form of TCM, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is strongly recommended to shrink 6 cyst and alleviate flank pain. Even if the treatment course can last for a longer time, it will not bring side effects and it can help repair the injured renal cells. Wanna to get an personalized herbal list? Remember that our Free Online Doctor is here to help.

-Painkillers Sometimes, painkillers may be prescribed by the doctors. However, efficacy can be limited.

-Avoid strenuous physical activities To avoid cyst rupture and severe flank pain, sufferers should stay away from strenuous activities like baseball, basketball, etc. Besides, if the pain is serious, they had better stay in bed to have a good rest.

By taking the above-mentioned treatments, we believe your flank pain due to 6cm cyst in kidney can be alleviated to a large extent. Any questions, please leave us message to

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