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Traditional Chinese Herbs for Bilateral Renal Cortical Cyst

2014-03-30 23:43| Font Size A A A

Traditional Chinese Herbs for Bilateral Renal Cortical CystDue to the unique effectiveness, there is a growing concern about TCM in recent decades. However, as for bilateral renal cortical cyst, will traditional Chinese herbs be available? If so, what treatments can be taken?

Bilateral renal cortical cyst describes round fluid-filled sac that formed in the outer region of both kidneys. Mostly, they are non-cancerous. In the early stage, there can be no obvious symptoms. With age, the cysts will increase both in numbers and sizes. Eventually, a range of discomforts like back pain, abdominal pain, blood in urine, etc will come into being.

In Western medicine, drugs and surgical treatment are commonly used to eliminate the discomforts. However, the therapeutic effects are usually limited and there can be some side effects. What’ worse, the cystic fluid may continue to secrete.

At our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, our experienced nephrologists mainly suggest patients with bilateral renal cortical cyst traditional Chinese herbs. See contents below for more detailed information:

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Unlike tablet or a capsule, this treatment is applied externally. During the treatment, ultramicro-powder of traditional Chinese herbs can be absorbed by kidney lesion fully. Thorough improving blood circulation, anti-inflammation, etc, a favorable environment can be crated gradually. What’ more, it can also help increase the permeability of cystic wall and adjust the internal-external difference pressure. In this way, the secretion of cystic fluid will be inhibited eventually and renal function enhanced.

Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy In addition to the above treatment, some Chinese herbs can also be taken orally. Remember that the herbal lists are prescribed on the specific condition, if you want to get more info, please send us the test report to immediately.

If you happen to be a patient with bilateral renal cortical cyst, do not hesitate to take effective treatments early. Good luck!

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