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What Can I Do to Treat 8cm Cyst in Left Kidney

2014-03-18 02:05| Font Size A A A

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs within our body. Generally, the size of kidneys ranges from 10-12cm. However, if there is a 8cm cyst in your left kidney, how would you do that?

Firstly, a general idea about kidney cyst is necessary.

Kidney cyst refers to fluid-filled sac that formed in the kidneys(either left or right). Mostly, they are non-cancerous. According to the report, about 50% people will be detected at least one cyst at their 50s. With time, they will grow bigger and bigger. As a result, discomforts including back pain, blood in urine, high blood pressure, etc will occur.

How to treat 8cm cyst in left kidney?

Surgery In Western medicine, a surgery is commonly used for the removal of cysts. Even if the efficacy is obvious, there are always some side effects.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Due to the adverse effects of surgery, more and more people have turned their eyes on Chinese medicine. As an innovation of TCM, it is used externally. It is easy to be operated, comfortable and without side effects. In addition to shrinking 8cm cyst in left kidney, it can also provide nutrients for the injured kidneys, eventually, renal function can be promoted. If you eager to know more about this, have a nice chat with our Online Doctor!

Oral Chinese medicine therapy Except for the above treatments, some oral Chinese medicine are also helpful. For detailed information, send us your latest test report to Then you will get an individualized herbal list soon.

Follow a healthy diet In normal life, patients should avoid eating stimulating foods(pepper, shrimp, crab, etc) and the leftovers as much as possible. Meanwhile, they also need to quit smoking and drinking, otherwise, it may stimulate the growth of cysts. Any follow-up questions, you are always welcome to leave us a message below.

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