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Conservative Therapy for Back Pain and Bilateral Renal Cyst

2014-03-14 01:06| Font Size A A A

Conservative Therapy for Back Pain and Bilateral Renal CystBack pain can be a common sign of bilateral renal cyst, when it occur, what should patients do? Is surgery the only choice?

Bilateral renal cyst refers to fluid-filled sac that can be found on both of the kidneys. Mostly, the cysts are benign and they are asymptomatic in the early stage. With time, the enlarged cysts will put extra strain on the kidneys and interfere with normal kidney function. As a consequence, the risk of experiencing back pain will be increased. In serious condition, patients have to request for a long vacation.

In general, a surgery may be recommended by the doctors, as it can help remove the enlarged cysts and obtain obvious therapeutic effect quickly. In the long run, the cystic fluid will continue to secrete. Before long, the pain may relapse again.

Conservative therapy for back pain and bilateral renal cyst

At our center, experienced nephrologists recommend patients to take a conservative treatment named Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Compared with surgery, it will not cause any side effects to the human body. What’s more, this condition can not relapse. However, the therapeutic effect usually takes for a longer time.

By external application, nutrients of the herbs can be penetrated into kidney lesion effectively. And it’s main functions can be concluded like this:

1. Relieve the hypoxic-ischemic state of kidneys, increase the permeability of cystic wall and adjust the internal-external difference pressure. Ultimately, the enlarged cysts will be shrunk.

2. Block inflammatory reaction, fight against coagulation and stimulate the self-cure ability of renal cells. In this method, kidney function will be improved and back pain relieved.

In daily life, patients should pay attention to rest and stay away from strenuous exercises as much as possible. Any queries, you are always welcomed to leave us message to

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