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How to Treat Cortical Cyst in Right Kidney

2014-03-08 19:31| Font Size A A A

Cortical cyst in right kidney refers to cysts that develop on cortex area. If poorly uncontrolled, they will spread to other parts of the body and lead to a drop in renal function. So, effective treatments should be adopted as early as possible. Then, please follow me to find a satisfied answer now!

In Western medicine, surgical operations are commonly used to treat cortical cyst. During the course, a needle filled with alcohol will be inserted into the cysts, in this way, they will become harden. If the cyst is too big, surgery will be needed. Even if they can help attain certain therapeutic effects, there are always some adverse effects. For example, high recurrence rate and traumas or infections to the kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

As a brand new form of TCM, this treatment is both safe and effective in the treatment of cortical cyst in right kidney.

With the help of osmosis device, bags filled with Chinese herbs can be effect on kidney lesion directly. Compared with oral administration, the nutrients can be fully absorbed. What’s more, it is comfortable, easy to be operated and free of side effects.

By dilating blood vessels, adjusting the internal-external difference pressure, blocking inflammation, etc, cortical cyst in right kidney can be shrunk back to normal size. More importantly, it can help restore renal function from the underlying cause. In this way, discomfort like high blood pressure, proteinuria, back pain, etc can be well managed. If you would like to more about this, please send us the test report immediately.

In addition to the above treatment, people with cortical cyst in right kidney also need to stay away from alcohol, tobacco products, coffee, chocolate, seafoods and other stimulating products. Meantime, they also need to avoid strenuous exercise to prevent cyst rupture.

If you happen to be a person with cortical cyst in right kidney, we sincerely hope the above treatments can be beneficial. Anything unclear, please click the Free Online Doctor.

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