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Natural Treatment for 4.7cm Cyst on Left Kidney

2014-03-04 00:39| Font Size A A A

" I have a 47mm cyst on my left kidney, I don’t want to have it surgically removed unless I have to, is there a natural treatment suited for my condition?” Luckily, nephrologists here have bring patients with good news. See detailed information below:

Natural Treatment for 4.7cm Cyst on Left KidneyThe cyst is caused by the proliferation of renal tubules epithelial cells. And the liquid in the cyst include body fluid and white blood cells. With time, they will increase both in quantities and sizes. As a result, the enlarged cyst will oppress the kidneys and lead to shortage of nutrients and oxygen in the blood. In this way, a drop in kidney function occurs.

To avoid further deterioration, the only way is to prevent cysts from growing and shrink them to a normal size.

Except for a surgery, treatments like puncture pumping fluid and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can also be adopted. Similar to surgery, the former therapy can cause damage to the kidney and the recurrence rate is relatively high.

As for the latter one, the herbs all are carefully selected from nature, so patients do not need to worry about the adverse effects. With the help of osmosis equipment, nutrients of the herbs can be permeated into kidney lesion both effectively and directly.

After a period of treatment, the secretion of cystic fluid will be refrained largely, and the cysts can be shrunk to an normal size. What’ more, it can help ameliorate the ischemia and anoxic state in kidneys, eventually, kidney function can be improved. Compared with a surgery, the treatment course may last for a longer time.

In addition, they also need to make some dietary changes to lower the burden of kidneys. For instance, decrease the consumption of sodium in diet, as high level of sodium would aggravate swelling and high blood pressure; eat some fresh fruits and vegetables and so on.

By adopting the above treatment, we believe 4.7cm cyst in left kidney can be shrunk both effectively and safely. Anything unclear, you are always welcomed to leave us message Best wishes to you!

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